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Social Media MKTG

We push your listing and your contact to the potential buyers in the largest Chinese social media network 600 million users strong.

Mobile Platform

We provide you the software tools to make your mobile listing and broadcast on Wechat in a professional format, also provide a remarkable way for your customer to contact you with just one touch.

Interactive QR Code

Dedicated QR Code for your property. with a simple scan, a passing-by driver will see all the property photos, detail description and your full contact without leaving their car.

Our Proud Customers


The House Club has done all of our house photos and videos. I can assure you the service is the best bang for the buck. Can’t find better options.


As the first paid user, I’ve had the honor to see how the House Club grow from nothing to a giant. I’m still using their service and we even included their services into our listings.


[:en]I had the honor to be a guest speaker at The House Club 2017 Elite Realtor Conference. This is a very good opportunity to gain exposure to more realtor peers. It’s even more so for the audience as they all enjoyed a great lecture from all elites of this industry.[:zh]Working with the House Club was the best decision I’ve ever made as a realtor.[:]


[:en]Whether it’s headline article or mobile website, The House Club social media marketing platform are extremely effective.[:zh]The House Club helped to get familiar with my first few steps as a realtor. I can’t thank them enough for that.[:]

Our Proud Partners

Our Proud Partners

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Automatic Listing Push w/ Search Preference
“Auto WeChat” Lead Tracking Feature
School District Lead Generator

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Free Mobile Website Article Database 5,000+ Strong Free Chinese to US Phone Number
FREE PC Website 8 New Articles Added Daily Pro Photo and Video Service Exclusive Discount
FREE WeChat Official Account  MLS Listing Data Live Search in Chinese Staging Service Exclusive Discount
Auto Sync Among 3 Platforms  Professional E-Business Card Design with QR Code Major Industry Events FREE VIP Membership
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One Year
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2 FREE QR Code Rider
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4 FREE QR Code Rider
The House Club Platform Top Story Free Posting x1
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