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Caravan Rules

Tri-County Caravan Rules and Regulations

  1. Caravan will take place Thursdays 9:00-10:30am.
  2. Location is iDream Space in City of Industry. 16839 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91745
  3. Caravan must be submitted via
  4. Deadline to submit caravan is Wednesday, 12pm NOON. No later.
  5. Hosting a showing after the caravan is highly encouraged 10:30-1pm.
  6. Only vacant homes with a LOCK BOX may be held open without an agent present.
  7. The agent, or their representative, must be present at the Thursday meeting to pitch the listing.
  8. Add-ons to the Caravan sheet are NOT PERMITTED. Only listings submitted properly for Caravan and PRINTED on the Caravan sheet shall be included.
  9. When pitching your listing, only state facts NOT provided on caravan sheet, i.e. reason for selling, (don’t get too personal) etc.
  10. Listings on the caravan sheet are to be pitched in order of submission form (unless otherwise stated).
  11. A maximum of 60 seconds is allowed for each pitch, or as may be designated by the M.C.
  12. Flyers are to be placed in properly designated areas. No flyers will be allowed that are in violation of the MLS copyright. Please take left over flyers after the caravan meeting. Flyers MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED while the meeting is in progress.
  13. This event is ONLY OPENED to licensed real estate agents. All other affiliates who want to attend contact, 626.315.2585 — 626.616.7243 for sponsor packages.