Try it out

Try scan below QR code with your Wechat

Never done that before?   it’s so simple: open your WECHAT, click [DISCOVER], click [Scan QR Code], then aim your phone camera to the code below, it automatic snap, click [Follow] then [Messages], bingo! it shows everything…

Open House sign with QR

Please also try scan this one:

Realty flyer with QR

All the information you get from your mobile, can be forwarded to your customer, or post to your Moments in Wechat, which is proved to be a very efficient marketing method.

What we do for real estate agents ?

We help you present and market through WeChat! try scan below QR code with your WeChat and you will know how.

(if you never scan before, it’s so simple: WeChat → Discover Tab → Scan QR Code, then aim your iPhone to the code below… bingo, it automatic snap and show.)

open-house-img  kellet-william-sale

Please also try scan this one:


We cooked 2 types of QR code for you:

  1. Unique QR code for each of your listing property. Mid size QR code can be printed on open house sign or yard sign, which makes your customer see your property details without leaving their car. Small size codes you can print on flyers, newspaper or magazine advertising where space are limited, your customer can scan with WeChat and see much more information and pictures, and a contact bar is always floating in front at their finger. We bring who ever scanned your code just 1click close to you.
  2. Permanent WeChat QR code for Agent, which you can print on your business card, flyers, or newspaper advertising. Customer scan the code will show your business card in their WeChat, and see ALL your listings in grid, and check detail of each house and contact you with just one-click.

The information customer got through the codes is not for display only, it is also professional designed to be distributed through WeChat. You can forward, Save or Share to moments, everyone see your post will see your contact bar and will be one click away to you.