Design Services–Brochure/Posters

Price Quote

Brochure Design Service Fee/page: $150

Two-sided Flyer Design/Flyer: $200

Flyer/X-stand Design: 200/unit

Magazine Insertion: $200/full page

Power Point Design less than 10 page: $500

Power Point Design 10-20 pages: $800

Power Point Design 20+ pages: $80/page

All Inclusive Monthly Design Service: $2,500/month

Magazine Insertion

Our revolutionary magazine product is a beautifully designed attractive magazine with our built-in cutting edge mobile technology. Also being distributed to very selected channels focusing on high net value customers both in the US and in China.

Other Services 

Translation Service


Chinese to English or English to Chinese

Social Media Account Maintenance


Services Includes:

  1. 1 original article (advertorial) linked to headline or pop culture phenomenon that will lead to customer’s product exposure
  2. 2 notifications/sales events/new product releases, content provided by customer edited by us
Strategic Marketing Services


Complete marketing strategic services including market research, suggest marketing strategies and action plan, monthly report and monthly client meeting

Group Open House Event

$7,000-8,000/50 ppl event

Our trade mark service loved by all builders. We invite a group of high performing realtors to visit your listing and get information about it. Recommend provide incentives for them too. Can be adjusted based on actual volume needed.

Chinese Press Release

$6,000/20 presses

We can invite 20+ Chinese major media outlets to report the property. Guaranteed to publish

The House Club Headline Article


Use our top social media platform to post promotional article on our headline spot, which will attract 10s of thousands viewers among worldwide Chinese communities.