What we do

We shift real estate agents to mobile internet technology!

  • We provide you the software tools to make your mobile listing and broadcast on Wechat in a professional format, also provide a remarkable way for your customer to contact you with just one touch.
  • Create dedicate Wechat QR code for you and each of your property, which you can print on your business card, property flyer, newspaper advertisement or open house signs; with a simple scan, a passing-by driver will see all the property photos, detail description and your full contact without leaving their car.
  • We make your very own mobile App, so your VIP customer can browse your list at their finger and contact you with just one touch. Better than ever, we use your portrait as the App icon! So they will see “you” every day…
  • Our Wechat site is specially designed digital market for all Wechat users, they can search property in simple steps on the smart phone. We push your listing and your contact to these potential buyers. How big is this market? 600 million users worldwide and keep increasing now while you are reading!
  • We provide real estate photograph and video, listing flyer and property website design services to our members. Our specialty is real estate photography, includes photo, video, aerial drone video, virtual tours, 3D scan, and video that show off spaces and experiences. We focus on producing stunning visual content that captures attention, our images are an indispensable marketing tool to help real estate agents attract customers and sell more homes.

Mobile usage is exploding. Last year’s mobile data traffic was nearly 18 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000 and by 2015, the mobile web is expected to eclipse the desktop Internet on a global scale. Your customers is now moved onto mobile internet, and so need you to capitalize on this trend!


  • 透过我们提供的软件工具,您只需轻轻一按,即可将房源以专业格式发送给您的客户,同时亦可轻松在微信(WeChat)上推广!
  • 您的所有房源皆会拥有专属的二维码,您可以在您的名片丶地产传单丶报纸广告或是Open House牌子上使用它──所有人都不会错过这方便且高科技的广告方式,甚至包括那些坐在车里的驾驶人!只需简单扫瞄,您的客户即可在手机上看到该栋房产的详细资料与精美照片,甚至会自动储存在您客户的手机上,方便他们之後寻找。
  • 我们为您制作专属於您的个人APP,让您的VIP客户轻轻一按即可与您联系,或浏览您所有的房屋列表。除此之外,APP的icon将会是您的肖像!您的曝光度将因此大为增加。
  • 这个微信网站是专门设计提供给所有的微信用户,他们可以透过简单的步骤在智能手机上搜索房屋。透过这些方式让您接触到潜在买家。这个市场有多大?全球共6亿用户,当您在浏览这段消息时还不断增长!