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QR Code Rider Order Quick Guide

Unless you’ve never had any experience of online shopping, you can skip step 2-8, and directly start on Step 9 of this instruction. 

1, Mouse over “Shop” menu button, and a menu is automatically extended. Click on “QR Code Rider”

2, QR Code Rider ordering page opened up, Click on “Add to Cart”

3, After that you can click either on the “View Cart” button or the cart icon on upper right hand corner to get to the shopping cart page

4, Important: If you have a partner coupon code, make sure you enter it right now at the Coupon Code section

5, Make sure to click the “Apply Coupon” button. After that the prices should be adjusted to the correct amount after coupon. Then Click “Checkout” button.

6, If it’s the first time you order the QR Code Rider or any of our products, you will be prompt to register on our website. This is a one time effort and please keep your password at a safe place if you need future reminder.

If you have already registered, you can simply login on the left hand side to proceed with checkout.

7, Billing information

  • If you are first time buyer, after registration you will be entering your detail billing information.
  • If you have already registered, all your billing information will be filled out automatically.

8, After checking billing information is correct, please click “Next Step” to final checkout page. Please make sure to read and check “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions *” checkbox.

  • If you have a coupon code that offers you a FREE QR Code rider, you won’t be prompted to enter credit card information. Simply click “Place Order
  • If you still have a balance to pay after coupon code, you will be prompted to enter credit card information or use PayPal. After that, Click “Continue Payment”

9, After checkout, you will be brought to the Thank You page. Make sure to scroll down to the “Next Step” section, and click “Please Click Here” text.

10, System will bring you over to configuration page. It will ask more information about you. The more information you enter, as well as pictures uploaded, the more information your potential buyer will see on your mobile platform home page like below:

11, After entering all the personal information, Click Submit it will bring you to the Dashboard page. You then click “New Order” button, it will bring you to the configuration page.

12, First you will choose the style of your QR Code Rider, either English/Chinese or English/English. And then, enter property information as complete as you can, so the potential buyer will get a better idea about your property. Also the more and the better pictures you upload, the more attractive your property looks to the buyers.

13, After clicking “Submit”, system will tell you that you have successfully created a new QR Code rider, and a preview will appear for you to double check. The QR Code on Preview page DOES NOT WORK yet. Please review and either make changes, or approve the order to print.

14, Once you approve the order, the order will be automatically processed, and mailed to your address. You will also get an email from us confirming shipping details.